Age Management

Reversing the aging process keeping you feeling young and healthy

Our Age-management programs are all about reversing and slowing the aging process. We utilize a three-pronged approach:

*Knowledge: To equip our patients with the information required to achieve optimal well-being.

*Prevention: Focus on disease prevention by providing a thorough evaluation using comprehensive diagnostics and the information provided on the patient's health history form.

*Rejuvenation: A customized program that consists of various science-based treatments that reduce cellular degeneration, promote tissue regeneration and healing as well as slowing down the aging process.

We do NOT replace the role of the family physician; instead, we work with primary care physicians, internists, and other medical professionals to provide the optimum in integrated care.

We consider each and every individual to be physiologically unique, and we do not subscribe to a "one size fits all" approach. Our programs are customized to address the risk factors that, if avoided or modified, could reduce the incidence of and premature mortality from many chronic conditions. Our vision is to provide the latest in scientifically-validated therapies for reversing the aging process, preventing chronic disease and optimizing health.